E30 M50 - S50 System & Manifold

E30 M50 - S50 SystemE30 M50 - S50 System
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E30 M50 - S50 System
E30 M50 - S50 System
E30 M50 - S50 System

This system was designed from scratch to cope with these high-revving, multi valve engines, and is not an adaption or modification of any other product. Featuring twin 60mm T304 stainless steel pipe work though out, the system is designed to increase power and torque outputs, no matter what specification project you decide to build – and with its reinforced box design, you will never need to replace it.

This product is special order only.

E21 compatible versions also available.

This manifolding set was designed by us in T304 stainless steel to specifically deal with the now popular M50/S50 engine conversions into the E30 chassis, and the increased volumes of exhaust gases created by these high-revving, multi-valve units. We have tested this product up to 700 bhp on force inducted S50 engines without any flow restrictions. This product is special order only.

Manifolding sets for the M50 / S50 engine conversions into the E21chassis are also available on request.