Back in 2000, when Fritz’s Bits first opened its doors, used parts were the life blood of the company. Those long-standing customers, will surely remember the 40,000 sq ft ’loom shed’ on our original Wellington site – stuffed full with over 200 pre-1993 BMWs.

Today it isn’t possible for us to carry such a massive stock of cars, but we still endeavour to keep a selection of useful donor vehicles available in stock. From E3s to E34s, we still actively look for cars to dismantle so that our clientele have access to quality used spares. As I’m sure you can imagine, it is virtually impossible for us to keep an accurate parts catalogue of the thousands of used parts we have available, but we are always happy to search for you, if there is something you require.

We are also happy to purchase MOT failures and ‘Barn-finds’ for stock, so that we can help our customers with more modest budgets can keep their vehicles on the road. We offer world-wide dispatch on most parts – however experience has shown us that that the dispatch of glass components and body panels is rather a hit and miss affair, so items like these are now collection only.

Additionally, if you do want us to search our stocks – please, if you can, supply factory part numbers for the items you need. Use if you are unsure.