Allow your engine to breath, protect your expensively modified, or stock head, from splitting, whilst adding horse power to your project. Hand crafted in Devon, our stainless steel exhaust systems and multi-branch manifolds, offer performance gains, longevity, and low maintenance for Classic B.M.W. owners. Superior silencer construction and greatly improved gas flow rates to around 29% above standard, result in considerable increases in both power and torque. Fuel economy may be improved by as much as 10% overall, with the installation of this equipment.

Working Example:-
E28 M535I 1986 (12 valve M30 engine, 5 speed manual gearbox) 115k mileage
Engine in good condition, retaining good compressions on all cylinders, compatible with mileage as indicated. No oil smoke on start-up or over-run, all fluid levels checked and found to be normal and on the marks. Vehicle mounted on rolling road and run up as for power run test

Result :- 207 bhp at the fly wheel

Vehicle taken from rolling road and the stock exhaust system removed, being replaced with Fritz’s complete system including six branch manifold and appropriate silencer boxes as supplied. Vehicle remounted on test equipment and re-run in identical conditions, on the same test program as the previous session.

Result:- 229 bhp at the fly wheel

No intermediate adjustments were executed, or tuning carried out on the vehicle, between these tests, so that the resultant gain in horse power (22bhp) can only be attributed to the installation of the exhaust system. The installation of a gas flowed system will enhance the application of other components. For example, a fast road camshaft, fitted into an E30 2.5 engine will result in an increase of approx. 14 to 18 bhp. With the Fritz’s manifold and system fitted, a further 10bhp may be realised without further work. The systems carry a life time guarantee, allowing peace of mind for even the most demanding driver. For further information, please phone.